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Stock Profile - RUE - Rue21
posted Jul 25 '11 by alex
Report is ready and we are going to publish it on July 26th. All questions/suggestions/discussion about RUE and this report critics are going to be collected here.

Stock Profile - RUE - Rue21 - READY!
posted Jul 26 '11 by alex
RUE Stock Profile is ready! I have sent profile via email and also published it on stock2own.com:

Thanks to Pawan and Clete, they did a lot of analysis and an excellent job! This forum thread is dedicated for comments, questions and criticism. Do not hesitate, post it here! :-)

RUE and general market insight
posted Jul 27 '11 by arfeld
hi alex and the SO team
this was a very nice analysis, TY.
what would you guys think of organizing a webcast to explain all the technical details, as honestly speaking, even after rereading Rule#1, i still do not undersntad fully how to read the various graphs, and for sure not your advanced analysis which went well beyond the Rule#1 book.
Can only repeat, you did a great job with this website and the am report!

Newsletter Comments
posted Jul 27 '11 by ronen82
First and foremost, let me congratulate you, although I am not quite sure it is the first newsletter that comes out, it is for me, and it is very exciting.The newsletter is not only detailed, it is well done. You managed to deliver the important details needed to evaluate this company and a very good starting point, as well as reference after digging in deeper, as I will most likely do next.I'd love to see more of these in the future.Thanks.Ronen M.

well done!
posted Jul 29 '11 by vir2l
and thanks a lot. I think this is very helpful for the community.

Re: Newsletter Comments
posted Jul 30 '11 by alex
Thank you all for your comments!
Did we miss anything important in the report? Do you guys want to pay more attention on certain aspects? What stock do you want to analyze next?
I guess, for the next report we already have a candidate - Google. This is going to be fun to work on it, because Google' numbers are crazy, but business itself is not very easy to understand, it covers soooo much: search engine, smart phones, social networking, payment system... So, if you are interested to work on the report, please, do not think twice - send email, using "Contact Us" form.

Re: a webcast to explain all the technical details
posted Jul 31 '11 by alex
ARFELD, we have just released 2 new videos where we explained value price calculations and technical indicators. I know this is not a webcast, but this is as close as we can get to web cast at this moment. Please, take a look and let me know if it help at all:
Value Price:
Technical Indicators:
Both links as well as all other video links are available on Stock Analyzer page.

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