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Great Article to Read
posted Feb 19 '13 by smartstocks
Pinnacle Digest features Calyx - Our Big Bet of 2013: Calyx Bio-Ventures (CYX:TSXV) Up and coming company Calyx Bio-Ventures has a very interesting story..they turn a certain seed called Carinata into oil which is then process into jet fuel. This seed can grow in arrid landscapes and the environmental advantages of it are huge.Excerpt from the article: Our new client and Featured Company, Calyx Bio-Ventures (CYX:TSXV), will undoubtedly represent the largest trade we make in 2013. Calyx owns a majority interest in a game changing renewable energy company that was recently a part of aviation history. When it comes to renewable energy investing, a sector with which we have been involved for many years, a company must have what we refer to as the 5 M's: Mission, Mandates, Management, Money and a low Market Cap. Calyx Bio-Ventures' mission is a remarkable one and that's why we are introducing it to you. The company's operating subsidiary, in partnership with the government of Canada, Chevron Lummus Global and Applied Research Associates, recently made world history in what Popular Science Magazine referred to as one of "The Big Science Stories of 2012". Read the full article: [url]

Awesome, thanks for sharing. Not only will it be great for stocks,but
posted Aug 16 '13 by nasu
Awesome, thanks for sharing. Not only will it be great for stocks,but for the world in general. I wish there were more companies making breakthroughs, or at least being allowed to share their breakthroughs. I heard there was a guy who invented a machine that turns trash into fuel. Nice.

thanks for sharing. it was really helpfull.
posted Mar 17 '17 by chrishaiden66
thanks for sharing. it was really helpfull.
also we everyone must be aware of NYSE holidays article by profit confidential. Everyone must read that article

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