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training workshop on TC2000
posted Oct 06 '10 by dsingh999
I'm waiting for their free training workshop in california.
Hey Thanks Alex for adding this as new feature in S2O Pro. Great Work !!

Sector Analysis - Thanks Alex !
posted Oct 06 '10 by gordjohn
I was just kidding about the all-nighter - obviously you put a lot of time, effort and hard work into S2O Pro. It was just the timing - we had started to discuss Sector Analysis and then - POOF - you brought out a new feature that addressed it. Coincidence? Magic? Providence? Being at one with the Universe?
"...so going forward it will get better and better...". Couldn't agree more.

Thanks Alex!
posted Oct 06 '10 by clete
This site is truly becoming a one stop shop for stock traders/investors!
I'm extremely impressed!
Very good work Alex. Thank you very much!

Swanson's WSW Power Investor service open to 500 new members...think I'm going to give it a try
posted Jan 03 '11 by evan
Any of you who've read Strategic Stock Trading and/or are on Swanson's mailing list probably know about this by now, because he's been promoting the hell out of it for over a month.
Quite frankly he lays on the marketing hype a little too heavy for my taste at times, but I know that's just part of doing business. I've really enjoyed Swanson's book and his free monthly newsletter, and it's only $197 for 3 months and there's a 60-day refund policy, so I'm going to dive in and try it out for 3 months.
Anyone else thinking of joining?

WSW Power Investor
posted Jan 04 '11 by gordjohn
Hi Evan,
I signed up yesterday...I'm just reviewing his Stock Market Mastery course as I write this...Gordon

i have also joined
posted Jan 04 '11 by dsingh999
hope its worth spending money !! i remember clete mentioned he joined last year hope he has to say something about it if its worth it.

Guess I'm WSW #4
posted Jan 05 '11 by thefink78
Hi Team,
I haven't posted on here yet but I have been following post ever since joining a few months ago. I've also read Weinstein as well Swanson and highly recommend both to any new member.
I also joined WSW Power Investor yesterday and look forward to Swanson's (and his team) commentary on the market.
I really enjoyed Andy's latest post on commodities, in particular the oil stocks. I've had my eye on this sector for a few weeks as they're plenty of stocks with picture perfect Stage 1's. I guess he just reassured what I have already been looking at. It will be interesting to see where this market is headed first though.
What have you guys thought so far? Cheers to all

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