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Currently I am looking for some good stocks to invest in. I have gone
posted Jun 09 '15 by icyviking
Currently I am looking for some good stocks to invest in. I have gone through several readings on good dividend yielding stocks. What I found new is “Internet of things” stocks. The stocks of the companies providing this technology. In Internet of Things, emphasis is on increasing machine to machine communication and it makes use of cloud based applications for communication purpose. These industries are expected to show further growth and give out even better outcomes.
Some of the Internet of things stocks they have mentioned include Umbrella and Red Hat. Anybody who have invested i these stocks before?

Re: internet of things
posted Jun 09 '15 by alex
Re: internet of things

I agree with you, “internet of things” is relatively new and extremely fast growing area.

As a new area it has very few standards and restrictions and, as a result, everyone is doing what they think is right. It will not stay like that for a long time and I know that currently many aspects of this new technology is getting standardized and defined. Therefore, I think, those companies that make a right move implementing new standards, will become leaders in this area.

Also, a lot of big companies are already in this business. For instance, pretty much everything that called “smart home” is based on “internet of things”. It includes ability to manage light (bulbs with WiFi – Philips, General Electric), video cameras and security (AT&T, ADT) and so on.

So, I think there are a lot of big names developing new products on this market and they are not going to give up without fight. Instead, in my mind, they have some advantages and may build very successful and profitable divisions in this niche.

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