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When I am looking at Technical indicator for the Moving average, is
posted Aug 14 '13 by boomtown25
When I am looking at Technical indicator for the Moving average, is it a buy or a sell signal when the price crosses both the 10 and 30 day moving averages or does it simply have to dip above the lowest of the two or dip below the highest of the two???

Technical Indicator Alerts
posted Aug 14 '13 by alex
Technical Indicator Alerts
Technical Indicator Alert is actually a cumulative alert. It means, that it takes into consideration ALL moving averages, slow stochastic and MACD charts.

In general, you can see "Buy" alert when all those indicators moved to the positive territory:
- for moving averages it means that price line crossed up each moving average line
- for stochastic it means that "blue" line crossed up "red" line
- for MACD it means that "divergence" bar chart started to form a "mountain" on top of the zero line.

Of course, it is rare that all above conditions happened at exactly the same time. Usually you can see that when price crosses up a short term moving average, it is still below a long term moving average or vice versa. Therefore at that time the alert would be "Almost Buy" or "Almost Sell" and only when the last indicator moved to the positive/negative territory you shall see alert Buy/Sell accordingly.

Good example is today's technical indicator alert for Apple. It reads "Buy" because all indicators show either "Buy" or already in a "positive territory". For example, you can see that 50 day moving average was crossed up by the price line on July 24th, so today it is supposed to give you a "hold" signal.

Does it make sense?

By the way, there is a detailed explanation for all charts available on stock2own in the Theory section:

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