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Why is the latest data a year behind?
posted Oct 12 '12 by robbmelancon
So take AAPL for example. The latest financial data says it is from September of 2011, over a year ago. Why is this so far behind?

Re: Why is the latest data a year behind?
posted Oct 12 '12 by alex
This is a valid question. And the short answer is because this is the only data available as of today. Just to be clear, we are talking about ANNUAL statements, so you should expect this data to be changed once a year. And keep in mind that you can also refer to the quarterly data (also available on stock2own) if you need a most recent numbers.
Stock2own constantly monitor data for availability and, usually, we collect data very next day when it becomes available. Below is the link to msn web site with a balance sheet for AAPL. As you can see, only previous balance sheet is available (as of September 2011):


LT Debt to FCF calculation
posted Jan 23 '13 by goodsteward
How do you arrive at a LT Debt to FCF value of 27.86 for Apache symbol APA?

Re: LT Debt to FCF calculation
posted Jan 24 '13 by alex
We used to compute Debt/FCF ratio using annual financial statement.
Back in September, we improved it a bit and started to analyze quarterly statements as well. The reason is we want to have a good sense of company's debt and if a company increased its debt in a most recent quarter, we will not notice it untill next annual statement if we use annual data only. So we want to recognize debt changes as soon as possible.
Therefore, if quarterly statements are available, we get a LT Debt figure from the latest quarterly statement - this is most up to date number. And we get Free Cash Flow numbers from quarterly statements as well. However, in order to get FCF using quarterly statements we need to sum up FCF values for the last 4 quarters, to get approximate annual figure (Debt/FCF ratio should be calculated based on annual numbers).
For US:APA we have:
LT Debt (from Q3 2012 statement - "Raw Quarterly Data"): 10670
FCF (from last 4 quarters): 934 + 40 + 561 - 1152 = 383
Debt / FCF Ratio = 10670 / 383 = 27.859
Does it make sense?

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