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Looking for examples of Weinstein Stage Analysis
posted May 22 '12 by goodsteward
I keep finding stocks that don't fit the typical "textbook" examples of Weinstein stage analysis. Does anyone have a book or website they would recommend for examples of stage analysis to practice on?

Re: Stage Analysis
posted May 22 '12 by clete
Any long term chart of the SPX or DJX would do.
Pull up a 20yr Weekly chart of the $SPX and put on a 30 or 40 period moving average (or both).
You'll notice that the market has been harder to read for the last few years, trading back and forth, right through the long term moving averages without hardly blinking an eye.

Stage Analysis
posted May 23 '12 by goodsteward
Can a weekly chart, 30 period MA oscillate within a single stage, or is a change of direction in the MA always defined as a change in stage number?

Stage Analysis
posted May 24 '12 by beastofbodmin
"Can a weekly chart, 30 period MA oscillate within a single stage?"
Hmmm. Interesting question. I don't think you should think in terms of a hard definition here. Stage analysis is to some extent art rather than science.
Because of the "inertia" of the 30 or 40 week MAs, I would say they don't oscillate much. If "oscillate" means "the sign of the slope of the MA changes", then I can only visualise this happening in stages 1 or 3, and then the amplitude of the oscillations would be low.
Don't lose sight of what the actual stock price is doing as you look at the MAs.
There are other criteria to bring to bear. e.g. price < MA150 < MA200 is pretty bearish. MA150 can be below price and increasing, but still be below MA200.
I suggest ignoring the chart patterns that don't "look right" at the moment, and go back to them as your brain trains itself more.

Re: Stage Analysis
posted May 24 '12 by clete
I have to say that I agree with every syllable of that last post.

Weekly Charts?
posted Jul 01 '12 by thesilly1
Where does one find weekly charts? Is there a free / paid service out there that is good for technical analysis? (On a MAC if possible)

Re: Weekly Charts?
posted Jul 01 '12 by alex
As far as I know, one of the best free software is developed and provided by ThinkOrSwim. Now they are TD Ameritrade (Ameritrade has bought them a few years ago). You can do either real trading or paper trading and, I think, there is no fee for opening a paper trading account. They have a java application with all bunch of charts and "studies", it is available for Windows and MAC, I run both - no problem.Check this out:

Free Charts
posted Jul 01 '12 by clete
TOS (ThinkorSwim) is awesome! It's what I use every day.
There is also SharpCharts but just any online brokerage will have some sort of charting software available, all of which will have the ability to display daily, weekly & monthly charts.

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