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posted Jun 18 '12 by alex
Sorry about the spam. I do not understand what is the reason of registering and posting a spam message using the registration name... Just does not make any sense. So, I guess, more complicated math will not help (Joseph, thanks for the advice!). I locked account of the author of the spam message. I do not really want to implement real moderation of posts, I think if you can post something and see it right away - this is much more effective model then post and wait till your message approved. I hope I will never have to move to full moderation model. Sorry guys, there is always someone who just want to abuse the system. Please, do not let spammers to ruin your day :-)

Re: Spammers
posted Jun 18 '12 by clete
If it makes you feel any better, if not for the above post, I wouldn't have even known that there was a bunch of spamming going on!
So, in other words, they don't seem to be having too big of an effect. At least not with me anyway.

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