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Facebook IPO
posted Apr 03 '12 by duddy9874
With the Facebook IPO most likely coming this May what are everyone's take? Would love to hear if people are going to trade, go long or stay away from the IPO and why?

posted Apr 09 '12 by mpcharles
I don't understand facebook enough as a marketable selling product.
Its a tech related stock that I don't think is going to be around for ever. It is allready haemoraging users from the Western World and picking up 3rd world members instead.
All of the changes are crappy during the last 6 months. I rarely check it anymore
so no I wont be investing :)

posted Apr 09 '12 by beastofbodmin
Can't be a Rule #1 stock unless it has been tradable for at least 10 years :)Moat? They could go the way of MySpace.Meaning? I loathe FB. I was tricked into registering in the first place. I gave it a good go, but never got the hang of the rubbish navigation. Constant slowness that had to be due to the back end servers. Even creepier than Google for privacy invasion. "So and so wrote on your wall"? WTF is that supposed to mean anyway? What is a Facebook anyway?Not tempted. I will continue to accumulate gold.

Re: Facebook IPO
posted Apr 09 '12 by alex
I do not think about Facebook as a tech company. Well, they are, but the company value is a social "market place" they created (please, correct me if I'm wrong). Instead of fighting with Google, they created their own "space" with millions of users and have full control and pretty good understanding who their users are. So now Facebook is selling access to its users, just like Google sells internet ads...
I think Facebook business will last much longer than myspace did, for example. Mostly because Facebook could attract not just teenagers, but big businesses as well. I think it is extremely difficult to get big guys attention, but if businesses switched gears, they will stay for a while...
Personally, I think Google+ is a much better product than Facebook and it definitely capable to give a lot of trouble to Facebook.

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