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S2O Stock Analyzer computes Growth Rates, Financial Ratios: PE, EPS, Debt/Cash Flow; Value Price, Margin of Safety (MOS) Price, Investment Return Time, Moving averages, stochastics, MACD, RSI, and more...

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Stock Analysis

S2O Stock Analyzer collects financial statements from different sources, analyses it and gives you all major financial ratios, growth rates, value and margin of safety (MOS) prices in a simple form. It uses fundamental analysis as a base and adds there price charts and technical indicators for best timing.

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Stock Screener

Want to get list of stocks with good fundamentals, low debt and value price below market price? Want to exclude those where market price is below moving average or daily volume is low? Interested in leveraging AI capabilities to analyze price charts?

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Market Gauges

Check the economic outlook by analyzing major US and World stock market indicators, see price charts for US indexes and commodities ETFs, analyze sector SPDR ETFs to find the best/worst performing sector, see Treasury Yield Curve Chart and more!

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Video Tutorials

Basic Features

Demonstrates basic features of the web site, including how to use Stock Analyzer and Stock Lookup.

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Watch Lists

Demonstrates all major features of the stock2own Watch Lists: managing watch lists, adding/deleting stocks, set value price.

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Stock Analyzer

Learn how to analyze stocks using S2O Stock Analyzer: individual video for each section.

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Stock Screener

Learn how to find stocks using S2O Stock Screener. Demonstrates how to set filters and what you can do with results.

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Just a quick note to say I have read Phil Town's 'Rule #1' book and agree with the fundamental-technical approach. In doing an internet search I came across a reference to your site and recently joined. I have gone over the site carefully and just feel I cannot leave something unsaid... Ben
This website is spectacular! I used the trial version in about 5 minutes and already found value in your approach. Rule #1 investing is something I live by and your site makes it so easy for us investors. I look forward to being a lifelong member soon and thank you for all your hard work! Clint
This mobile app is awesome. thank you. absolutely love this app. everything i've been looking for. Justin
I'm writing to say thanks for your amazing website. It is the most valuable resource for researching stocks I have ever found. Thank you for providing this information. Jeff